IAGB Bollywood Quiz

Among the several competitions held each year to commemorate the Republic Day celebrations, Bollywood Quiz was never part of those competitions. For the first time ever, a Bollywood Quiz competition was held in addition, and the number of registrations for this, definitely makes this as a permanent venture for the future years. 

My name is Sushil Motwani, and I am one of the Directors on the board of the India Association of Greater Boston, and was the host/emcee for this competition. 

The competition was a “live” competition held on 24th January 2021 between the hours of 11:00am EST to 12:00 noon EST in which all the competitors played a game of Kahoot with about 28 really difficult questions in the form of “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. The competition was not broadcast live on Facebook or Google. Each contestant joined on a computer with Zoom and used another device like a phone to play the game and enter their answers on the quiz.

This competition was a fun online game against everyone else at the same time. Kahoot gives points that are scored based on correctness, speed, and your answer streak. Each question had 20 seconds to answer. Fastest correct answer gets the most points, and the rest of the correct answers got points depending on the amount of time they took (i.e 0 seconds to 20 seconds). A wrong answer or no answer was 0 points – no negative points. 

Points showed up on the leaderboard after each question.

As each question was being answered, the top 5 scores and leaders were being displayed, and the contestants were happening too much fun and the competition was healthy and friendly at the same time.

The questions were tough and Kahoot provided this as an input: The number provided is the average of all contestants.

IAGB would like to personally CONGRATULATE all of you for participating and enjoying the quiz, as much as I enjoyed being the host of the quiz. I had so much fun, just looking at the reactions of each of you when every question was being answered, and the results were being displayed. If you have a list of questions/quiz questions that you feel are good questions to be added next year, please let me know, as I will keep improving the quiz and finding different things to add to the quiz.

Congratulations to all the wonderful participants, as without your participation, we would not have winners.?

1st:  Chetan Sukuru – 14991 points – 18/28 correct answers
2nd:  Praful Thakkar  – 14987 points – 18/28 correct answers
3rd: Padma Shenoy – 14828 points – 17/28 correct answers 

Special Mention: Shilpa Goel – 14319 points – 16/28 correct answers (She did not answer one question, and only 600 points separated her from the winner – just if she had attempted and got it right she could have won).


–Sushil Motwani