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New England Seniors Expo & Cultural Exchange 2024 (6)

Seniors Expo & Cultural Expo 2024 Thank you note from the President

A warm hello to my much-loved New England community!
I am honored and feel blessed to be the newly elected President of India Association of Greater Boston, IAGB.

As a life-long enthusiast, I strongly believe in inclusivity, sensibility, and camaraderie. I come with a track record of initiative, dependability, and excellence. I am outspoken, empathetic and a highly motivated, progress-focused person of long-standing.

My commitment to my role encompasses upholding IAGB’s interest as its advocate & culture champion! I pledge my commitment to upholding IAGB as a place where our fellow community members can enjoy superior quality of socio-cultural, educational, civic endeavors and commit to sincere community service and Pan-India engagements.

Our dearest Community at Large, the Town of Billerica and our wonderful Indian American community of Greater Boston,

I still remember when IAGB ideated and initiated this event amidst the peak of Covid, for Seniors 4 years ago which was led by the then President Sanjay Gowda and yours truly. It grew bigger & better with every passing year.

This past Sunday, I felt that I have come a full circle as IAGB as the proven trailblazer that it has always been, hosted a unique endeavor with the Town of Billerica with a mission as heartening as it could get: “working together to build a strong community”!!!

If I am not wrong, this is IAGB’s “first ever” collaboration with the mainstream to host an event!!!

New England Seniors Expo & Cultural Exchange 2024, in collaboration with the Town of Billerica, was envisioned as an event not only dedicated to the seniors in the community and beyond, but also to foster cultural exchange with the mainstream.
And that’s what we did, this past Sunday, May 19, 11 am – 4 pm.

An Expo that had:

  • Entertainment: unique performances by local Indian dancers/dance groups.
  • Food truck/vendors: Indian food and more!
  • Booths providing a wealth of information designed to help senior citizens & aspiring seniors, their caregivers, and families.
  • Health Workshops by experts.
  • Booths offering engaging essence of India such as clothing, jewelry, accessories, henna tattoos, spices, easy ways of Indian cooking and so on.
  • Booths with prepared foods, farms, artisans & crafters.

My heart is full as we celebrate the Roaring Success of the IAGB New England Seniors Expo & Cultural Exchange 2024, the first of its kind Expo attended by 34 vendors, 4 Health/Wellness Experts, 4 talented Artists, 5 Dance groups & Dance Experts and over 250 people!

It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful.
So here’s a HEARTENING SHOUT OUT and a heart-felt DHANYAVAAD (Thank You) to:

We couldn’t have done it without you – we owe our success to you!





The Treasury: Indian & Greek Kitchen


  • Anokh
  • Vyasa Bros. Inc
  • Interactive Indian Folk Art
  • Science Cardinal
  • eternalHealth
  • Mayin Arts LLC
  • Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter
  • MindGym Initiative
  • United Healthcare
  • IAGB
  • Indian Circle for Caring USA Inc. (ICC)
  • Raji collections
  • Billerica Council on Ageing
  • Billerica Board of Health
  • Imaginations Art & Craft Center
  • Sutanuti Sajghor
  • Indian Medical Association of New England
  • AgeSpan MA SMP
  • Minuteman Senior Services
  • Traditional Threads by Nikita Gupta
  • SD Real Estate
  • New York Life Insurance
  • Henna Art
  • MealMantra / Bhalla homes
  • Zashnncreations
  • Rehab Health 360 LLC
  • Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley
  • Indo-American Grocery
  • Off-Kendrik Theatre Group
  • Vaisakhi Weaves
  • KalpTree Financial Services
  • Massachusetts Behavioral Health Help Line
  • Billerica Community Pantry

—Our Rangoli experts Swati Athale & Dipa Agrawal for beautifying the Town Hall garden with festive art.
—Yoga Expert Geeta Vallecha for her Yoga and Pranayam (practice of breath regulation) session with all
—Nicole McGurin – Alzheimer’s Association MA/NH Chapter for the workshop on The Impact of Alzheimer’s in our Community
—Meditation Expert Dr. Bindu Vyas for her workshop on Ways of Meditation.
—Dr. Sarju Ganatra, MD,FACC, Cardiologist for the workshop on Best Practices to prevent Heart Disease.


  • Moumita Banerjee – Tarana School of Kathak for her dance group’s dances ‘Kathak meets Lavni’ and Jhumur (Santal) Folk Dance.
  • Shikha Vashishtha’s foot tapping Flash Mob/Dance Along.
  • Ekta Jain – Ekta Dance Academy for her group dances showing Festivities & Celebrations.
  • Viral Dave – GuruKool Enrichment Center for their Bollywood Dance Medley – Rising RockStars.
  • Swasti Bhargava – Swasti School of Dance for her exciting Grand Finale Flash Mob/Dance Along.

The first of its kind in the New England area, this Expo stands as a brilliant example of what can happen when we work together -so let’s continue advocating human values such as respect, acceptance, empathy, and love towards other human beings.

Let’s have an open mind to “give and take, mingle and mingled in ”, with the larger mainstream society we are living in at the current time.

Let this Expo be a testimony of how to stay rooted to our cultures of diverse regions with oneness in mind, embrace our surrounding cultures and work together to build a strong community!

Thank You Letter from the Town of Billerica

Dear Tanu,
On behalf of my colleague Robert Maynard and myself, I wish to congratulate the IAGB team for its novel and successful approach to community cohesion on May 19th. Working closely with the town you, Deepak Garg, Nilesh Agrawal and Manish Bhowmick exceled at your communications, cooperation and innovative thinking. We have no doubt that this is the start of an annual Senior Expo and Cultural Exchange!

Despite the rain, the cool temperature and overcast skies, we mobilized beyond these barriers to share with the Billerica community the willingness of the IAGB diaspora to reach out, connect and learn from each other. Communities are built from mutual respect and a search for ways to effectively engage collectively to strengthen ties and bond with pride and authenticity.

Thanks for reaching out to the town of Billerica to join forces in this endeavor. We thank you for the partnership and hope that you will seek us out as more creative opportunities arise for us to exchange stories, notes and cultural elements as citizens of the town.

Kind regards
Jean A. Bushnell

In my 18+ years of association with IAGB, I have seen it through thick and thin. In the current times, we are at a greatly evolving juncture within and beyond the community. I would like to see IAGB work together as a diverse Community wherein we act responsibly, reliably, and efficiently, respect the community and beyond, embrace differences or conflict of opinions with empathy and understanding, hold each other with love while encouraging and soliciting open communication among and between each other.

A huge shout out to my team, each of whom are gems by virtue of their work within the community and their unique gifts of skills. I am honored and privileged to have them in my team and look forward to doing great things together!

A big ‘Shout Out’ to the outgoing President Vaishali Gade for her exceptional leadership in the previous term – I have big shoes to fill and exemplary work to carry forward!

‘Thank you’ to the wonderful community and beyond, for providing me this opportunity to serve my beloved community yet again, this time to my delight, is as the President of my much-loved India Association of Greater Boston!

Let us each be a rainbow in someone’s cloud…

Much love and regards,

Tanu Phoenix.

Tough ride with opinions galore – agreeing to disagree; distressed with stress
Yet all said and done, everyone did MORE than less:
Fundraising, Media, Publicity, Reception, Brochure, Backstage, Vendor Mgmt., Community Outreach & finally Cultural – each and every team worked with utmost zest!!!

Every team was by far at its performing BEST!

This glory is not one’s alone – this is OURS this is OURS this is OURS.
Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a TEAM!
When we look back in time, let the magic of this success always pour in smiling showers.
Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a TEAM!
IAGB Republic Day 2024 is now being called a show, BEST of the BEST!
And it’s all because of YOU – so just soak in the fame n’ enjoy the bliss while you rest up in your nest. 


Meet the Sponsors

Our Initiatives

IAGB, as a unifying and largest Indian diaspora entity in the New England region, has been lacking in establishing the connects with local US and India government/leadership.

As a cheerful giver, IAGB pledges to give back to the place we call home, by monthly food, toiletries and clothing donations to local shelters or food banks to provide support to our less fortunate neighbors.

From stress relief and self-soothing to emotion regulation and physiological benefits, music plays a powerful role in mental health and well-being for all, especially the youth in immigrant families.

IAGB strives to contribute to enabling socially active seniors and help them build a greater sense of belonging and higher self-worth levels.

Trailblaze trademark cultural programs to keep the Pan-Indian American community connected with the culture of our motherland, India; and to bring to the mainstream community at large,

We strive to Create a visible presence and voice for the Indian American community in New England.


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