President's Note

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IAGB President Tanu

IAGB Republic Day 2024- Celebrating its Grand Success!

A warm hello to my much-loved New England community!
I am honored and feel blessed to be the newly elected President of India Association of Greater Boston, IAGB.

As a life-long enthusiast, I strongly believe in inclusivity, sensibility, and camaraderie. I come with a track record of initiative, dependability, and excellence. I am outspoken, empathetic and a highly motivated, progress-focused person of long-standing.

My commitment to my role encompasses upholding IAGB’s interest as its advocate & culture champion! I pledge my commitment to upholding IAGB as a place where our fellow community members can enjoy superior quality of socio-cultural, educational, civic endeavors and commit to sincere community service and Pan-India engagements.

Thousands of Indian American community members in New England came out to celebrate and enjoy the Grand Republic Day Mela hosted by the India Association of Greater Boston on Jan 27, 2024. It has been simply a delightful pleasure and joy to have hosted the IAGB Grand Republic Day Mela, this past Saturday, Jan. 27!

Huge “Shout Outs” to our:

  • Cheering Audience
  • Chief Guest Raj Sharma
  • Community Champion Arsh Mehrotra
  • Competition participants
  • Cultural Performers
  • Fellow Community Organizations
  • Food Partner
  • Media Partners
  • Special Guests from the town of Burlington, Jim Tigges & Lisa Chen
  • Sponsors
  • Vendors & Volunteers

“YOU” have been so kind, supportive, cooperative, and understanding! We stand in AWE. IAGB cannot thank you enough for making IAGB Republic Day Mela 2024 a shining success!


Forgive us if we made any errors/mistakes or caused you any inconvenience. We value our friendship and look forward to your continued camaraderie.

Warmest regards & heartfelt gratitude to all,
Tanu Phoenix, President & IAGB Executive Committee

In my 18+ years of association with IAGB, I have seen it through thick and thin. In the current times, we are at a greatly evolving juncture within and beyond the community. I would like to see IAGB work together as a diverse Community wherein we act responsibly, reliably, and efficiently, respect the community and beyond, embrace differences or conflict of opinions with empathy and understanding, hold each other with love while encouraging and soliciting open communication among and between each other.

A huge shout out to my team, each of whom are gems by virtue of their work within the community and their unique gifts of skills. I am honored and privileged to have them in my team and look forward to doing great things together!

A big ‘Shout Out’ to the outgoing President Vaishali Gade for her exceptional leadership in the previous term – I have big shoes to fill and exemplary work to carry forward!

‘Thank you’ to the wonderful community and beyond, for providing me this opportunity to serve my beloved community yet again, this time to my delight, is as the President of my much-loved India Association of Greater Boston!

Let us each be a rainbow in someone’s cloud…

Much love and regards,

Tanu Phoenix.

Tough ride with opinions galore – agreeing to disagree; distressed with stress
Yet all said and done, everyone did MORE than less:
Fundraising, Media, Publicity, Reception, Brochure, Backstage, Vendor Mgmt., Community Outreach & finally Cultural – each and every team worked with utmost zest!!!

Every team was by far at its performing BEST!

This glory is not one’s alone – this is OURS this is OURS this is OURS.
Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a TEAM!
When we look back in time, let the magic of this success always pour in smiling showers.
Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a TEAM!
IAGB Republic Day 2024 is now being called a show, BEST of the BEST!
And it’s all because of YOU – so just soak in the fame n’ enjoy the bliss while you rest up in your nest. 


Meet the Sponsors

Our Initiatives

IAGB, as a unifying and largest Indian diaspora entity in the New England region, has been lacking in establishing the connects with local US and India government/leadership.

As a cheerful giver, IAGB pledges to give back to the place we call home, by monthly food, toiletries and clothing donations to local shelters or food banks to provide support to our less fortunate neighbors.

From stress relief and self-soothing to emotion regulation and physiological benefits, music plays a powerful role in mental health and well-being for all, especially the youth in immigrant families.

IAGB strives to contribute to enabling socially active seniors and help them build a greater sense of belonging and higher self-worth levels.

Trailblaze trademark cultural programs to keep the Pan-Indian American community connected with the culture of our motherland, India; and to bring to the mainstream community at large,

We strive to Create a visible presence and voice for the Indian American community in New England.


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We are proud to participate in the Card to Culture program, a collaboration between the Mass Cultural Council and the Department of Transitional Assistance, the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Nutrition Program, and the Massachusetts Health Connector, by breaking down the financial barriers to cultural programming.