Youth Music Engagement

From stress relief and self-soothing to emotion regulation and physiological benefits, music plays a powerful role in mental health and well-being for all, especially the youth in immigrant families.

Music serves as a unifier and often takes on an even greater significance—it can contribute to the process of identity formation. IAGB pledges to make a significant impact on how youth think, feel, and behave, and help children, adolescents and young adults explore their identity and discover how they fit in.

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IAGB Youth Initiatives

  • Current/Pressing Issues: Discussion panels/Town Hall Discussion 
  • IAGB Newsletter Youth Corner 
  • Summer Research Projects 
  • STEAM Competition
  • Teen Mentorship 
  • Support IAGB flagship and community giving events
Climate Change
Community Engagement April 3rd
Youth Music Engagement (2)
Youth Music Engagement (1)
Youth Music Engagement

Community Service

  • IAGB NewsLetter Youth Corner-featuring IAGB Youth of the Month, Youth Art and Music Spotlight, and much much more
  • IAGB Youth ‘Design Thinking’ Workshop in collaboration with TIE Youth
  • IAGB Youth Climate Change discussion with Fishman of Onora Global

Who can get involved and how?

  • Indian American kids in grades 8-12 can participate as IAGB Youth team members
  • Commitment to serve for 2 months

Choose from one of the above-mentioned initiatives and send us an email at

Background for Indian Republic day

Inviting participation from kids in grades 7 to 12.

Do you enjoy writing? Do you like to serve the community? Would you like to highlight the matter affecting the community? Are you interested in STEAM? Would you like mentorship opportunities?


  • What is IAGB Youth?

IAGB Youth is an activity-based group run by kids for kids. Our goal is to foster team spirit, offer opportunities to develop leadership skills, and enhance the sense of belongingness and pride of Indian heritage.

  • Who can join?

Kids in grades 8-12 are welcome to join.

  • What is the time commitment?

Kids decide their own time commitment based on the initiative they decide to work n. Some kids spend 1-2 hours a week and some 3-4 a month. Some kids work on long term-on going activities and some work more on project-based activities.

Along with this we ask you to commit to a minimum of a year -if you can do more than one year that’s ok too.

  • Are there meetings?

Yes, kids have a monthly meeting (about an hour) and a debrief meeting (about 15-20 minutes). Due to Covid- meetings are virtual but maybe in person once things open up.

  • Can I get volunteer hour credit?

Yes we certify the hours you worked on IAGB Youth projects/assignments.

Do not see a specific question answered here please send us an email

IAGB Youth Comittee

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