In an effort to broaden our reach across the Indian-community and our society at-large, we have organized our initiatives in the following five platforms. Additionally, in order to keep our operation running, we also need constant support with fundraising, marketing and PR activities. If you have the interest, capability or availability to join us in this journey, come volunteer with us on any of the initiatives or the operational activities. Just click the VOLUNTEER button on the right to send us a message!

Civic Engagements

IAGB, as a unifying and largest Indian diaspora entity in the New England region, has been lacking in establishing the connects with local US and India government/leadership. Lack of participation from Indian diaspora in local governance plays a big role in missing much deserved recognition of the Indian community at all levels across the state and region. Our mission is to establish those connects and make IAGB more relevant as a critical organization in all civic engagement initiatives across New England and potentially beyond. Giving IAGB a recognition beyond cultural identify that we have so successfully established over the period of time, and making it relevant to not just the immigrants,

Our goal is to make the South Asian American community more equitable and inclusive, so it ensures that the Indian American diaspora’s history and lived experience are recognized as essential to the fabric of America.

Civic Engagements (2)
Civic Engagements (4)
Civic Engagements (3)
Community Giving (1)
Community Giving (2)
Community Giving (3)

Community Giving

As a cheerful giver, IAGB pledges to give back to the place we call home, by monthly food, toiletries and clothing donations to local shelters or food banks to provide support to our less fortunate neighbors.

Social Causes & Community Crisis

We strive to:

  • Create a visible presence and voice for the Indian American community in New England.
  • Liaise with the state representatives and cites/town leadership on Indian American initiatives for increase local awareness.
  • Collaborate with other organizations to create a cohesive approach for Indian American presence to address issues as they arise.
  • Develop a centralized point to receive/address inquiries requiring active mobilization of the Indian American community.
Social Causes & Community Crisis (2)
Social Causes & Community Crisis (1)
Social Causes & Community Crisis
Youth Music Engagement (2)
Youth Music Engagement (1)
Youth Music Engagement

Youth Music Engagement

From stress relief and self-soothing to emotion regulation and physiological benefits, music plays a powerful role in mental health and well-being for all, especially the youth in immigrant families.
Music serves as a unifier and often takes on an even greater significance—it can contribute to the process of identity formation. IAGB pledges to make a significant impact on how youth think, feel, and behave, and help children, adolescents and young adults explore their identity and discover how they fit in.

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Senior Interactions & Engagement

IAGB strives to contribute to enabling socially active seniors and help them build a greater sense of belonging and higher self-worth levels. IAGB’s goal is to nurture a sustainable platform to unite our seniors, their families and seniors’ caregivers to share knowledge and experiences. Examples of activities under this platform include:

  • Create a seniors’ forum to allow a social interaction opportunity for retired members and visiting parents from our community.
  • Organize New England Seniors Expo for discussions on various topics, including Finance, Holistic Health, Culture, Society.
  • Get info from expert resources on home care, senior living, health insurance, rehabilitation, estate planning/living will, honoring choices, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.
  • Collaborate with local organizations to organize free health workshops.
Senior Interactions & Engagement
Senior Interactions & Engagement (1)
Senior Interactions & Engagement (2)
Cultural Programs
Cultural Programs (2)
Cultural Programs (1)

Cultural Programs

Trailblaze trademark cultural programs to keep the Pan-Indian American community connected with the culture of our motherland, India; and to bring to the mainstream community at large, the awareness about Indian culture, festivals, traditions, food, and clothing. Examples of activities under this platform include:

  • Republic Day Celebrations.
  • Independence Day Celebrations.
  • Film Festivals.
  • Theater performances.
  • Musical programs/Concerts.

Asian American Community Engagements

IAGB envisions a world where the Indian American community engages with its fellow Asian community groups and strives to establish stronger bonds with our Asian American community-based groups and organizations; IAGB’s aim is to foster an environment of inclusion and diversity by participating in meaningful engagements with them through cultural and civic tie-ups.

Asian American Community Engagements (6)
Asian American Community Engagements (5)
Asian American Community Engagements (4)
Pan India (1)
Pan India (2)
Pan India

Pan-India Cultural Collaborations

“Pan” is also a prefix which simply means “ALL”. IAGB is invested in enhancing the intercultural competence of the Indian diaspora by engaging in cultural exchanges and socio-civic collaborations with various Indian regional, language based, and social cause-based organizations.

Academic Pursuits

IAGB is committed to engaging in a variety of activities, workshops and events which are related to learning or enhancing knowledge about India. Examples of activities under this platform include:

  • Discover India Series.
  • College Fair – for middle to high school students for college admission info.
  • Collaborations with local and national academic groups focused on imparting knowledge about India.
Academic Pursuits (4)
Academic Pursuits (5)
Academic Pursuits (6)