ABC’s of NFT

Thursday, 3rd March 2022 The world of investment is abuzz with skyrocketing sales of NFTs. From artwork to real estate, from wine bottles to your favorite artists’ voice, from collectibles to videos… these digital assets are reinventing the financial infrastructure! Every passing day is apparently creating new markets and getting newer investors into the networks. Is it just another fad or is it really a game changer? Does it make sense to spend large sums of money on items that don’t physically exist or is it too good a time to miss this opportunity? Let us get to know all that we can from Mr. Thomas Arul, CEO of Bluemi Inc., and co-founder of In this special IAGB live session, he’ll speak about basics of NFT and Blockchain. What more – we are going have a Q&A session with him on the subject!

ABCs of NFT v3