Civic Engagements

IAGB, as a unifying and largest Indian diaspora entity in the New England region, has been lacking in establishing the connects with local US and India government/leadership. Lack of participation from Indian diaspora in local governance plays a big role in missing much deserved recognition of the Indian community at all levels across the state and region. Our mission is to establish those connects and make IAGB more relevant as a critical organization in all civic engagement initiatives across New England and potentially beyond. Giving IAGB a recognition beyond cultural identify that we have so successfully established over the period of time, and making it relevant to not just the immigrants,

Our goal is to make the South Asian American community more equitable and inclusive, so it ensures that the Indian American diaspora’s history and lived experience are recognized as essential to the fabric of America.

Key Objectives

  • Creating a grass root movement to educate and encourage larger participation of Indian community in local governance 
  • Build and expand IAGB platform for state and national leaders for a direct connect with Indian American Community
  • Encouraging and providing a forum/platform for local Indian community leadership to take part in any upcoming elections (local, state & federal) by offering an opportunity to interact with local Indian community, irrespective of political affiliation
  • IAGB connects with both state & towns offices to create more awareness for and about Indian Community needs and aspirations
  • Creating a platform for state elections and Ballot Questions to address Indian American community
  • Building connects and Insuring support from local state leaderships during major Indian American events
  • Create a unified approach with similar minded organizations and organize seminars, forum to increase civic awareness in community 
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