IAGB India Day 2023

With NU Hatch shell IDay2023 Flyer (8 × 10 in) (1) (2)

IAGB presents “INDIA THE TRAILBLAZER” celebrating India Day. This celebration is a great opportunity to showcase and appreciate Indian culture, traditions, and achievements. It’s a joyous occasion to unite the Indian community and share its rich heritage. The celebrations will be filled with vibrant festivities, and we are sure they will create beautiful memories for everyone involved.

For this joyous occasion and community cultural performances, IAGB is proudly showcases Raaga Unleashed by Berkley College of Music students.

An extraordinary Indian fusion Concert under the open sky along Charles River. It is a FREE event. The event will occur at the iconic Hatch Memorial Shell on Aug. 19th, 2023. It will be a truly captivating and unique musical experience. An experience not to miss! See you there at Hatch Shell on Aug 19th!!

India Bazaar for your shopping. And tantalizing food by The Treasury Indian and Greek Kitchen.