Project IAGBian – IAGB proudly presents our past Presidents who have played an instrumental role in making IAGB a pivotal organization here in New England. 2022 is IAGB’s 60th anniversary year. These pillars of strength made our journey possible.



Mr. Raj Saxena (1962-63)
Dr. Madhukar Pathak, MD (1963-65)
Mr. H.L. Khetarpal (1977-79)
Mr. Mohan Dali (2009-11)


Mr. Inder Kamal (1967-69)


Mr. Jeevan Sachdeva (1969-71)

Mr. Shiva Sheel (1971-73)

“Bringing the Indian Community together.”


Mr. Prem Amin (1973-75)

Mr. R. Satyaprasad (1975-77)

“IAGB is my ‘go to organization‘ to seek help for myself or anybody in the community”

Dr. Chander Kapasi, MD (1979-81)

“Learned how to succeed in men’s world & was proud to make way for other intelligent women to join IAGB.”


Ms. Saroj Sawhney (1981-83)


Mr. D.N. Chadha (1983-85)


Mr. Surendra N. Singh (1985-87)

Dr. Bijoy Misra (1987-89)

“IAGB became the forum that helped me to explore my origin and my belonging.”


Mr. Alok De (1989-91)

Mr. Indra Deb (1991-93)



Mr. Ramesh Motwane (1993-95)

Dr. Kaplesh Kumar (1995-97)

“Proud of my team’s birthing of Saheli and mid-1990s revival of IAGB, continuing to its current glory.”

Ms. Kamal Misra (1997-99)

“IAGB leadership position offered me a unique opportunity
to understand and address the challenges faced by Indian community
in the USA. It also helped my personal growth.”

Dr. Nannaji Saka (1999-2001)

“The IAGB years were the best in my life”

Mr. Ram Voruganti (2001-03)

“IAGB provides leadership to represent all of the Indians and Indian associations in the Greater Boston area to the people of the commonwealth”


Dr. Anupam Wali (2003-05)

Mr. M. Rajinikanth (2005-07) 1

“IAGB has gave me an opportunity to be a part of various EC teams that year after year put up the best Indian cultural experience you can get anywhere.”

Ms. Rita Shah (2007-09)

“IAGB is like a family – Home to all of us as immigrants and educating our children in our culture and heritage.”

Mr. Amrit Soni (2011-13)

“It was a great honor to serve as President of IAGB from 2011 to 2013. I am so happy to see IAGB, a 60-year-old organization play a very important role in bringing the Indian American community together into mainstream America.”

Dr. Anil Saigal (2013-15)

Wish IAGB a Very Happy 60th Anniversary! (1962-2022)

Ms. Jayashree Voruganti (2015-17)3

“IAGB means bringing Indian Community of Greater Boston together under one platform to serve and promote culture, community, and socio-political activities to demonstrate “power in number” to attain the visibility our community deserves.”

Ms. Aditi Taylor (2017-19) - 1

“IAGB has served as a quintessential bridge between the continued connection with my roots and the opportunity to serve and support my community in our adopted land.”

Sanjay Gowda (2019-21)-

“IAGB is an extended family and a platform for all of the New England Indian American community to come together, cherish and nourish our strong roots, rich culture, and heritage.”