Project IAGBian – IAGB proudly presents our past Presidents who have played an instrumental role in making IAGB a pivotal organization here in New England. 2022 is IAGB’s 60th anniversary year. These pillars of strength made our journey possible.



Mr. Raj Saxena (1962-63)
Dr. Madhukar Pathak, MD (1963-65)
Mr. H.L. Khetarpal (1977-79)
Mr. Mohan Dali (2009-11)


Mr. Inder Kamal (1967-69)


Mr. Jeevan Sachdeva (1969-71)

Mr. Shiva Sheel (1971-73)

“Bringing the Indian Community together.”


Mr. Prem Amin (1973-75)

Mr. R. Satyaprasad (1975-77)

“IAGB is my ‘go to organization‘ to seek help for myself or anybody in the community”

Dr. Chander Kapasi, MD (1979-81)

“Learned how to succeed in men’s world & was proud to make way for other intelligent women to join IAGB.”


Ms. Saroj Sawhney (1981-83)


Mr. D.N. Chadha (1983-85)


Mr. Surendra N. Singh (1985-87)

Dr. Bijoy Misra (1987-89)

“IAGB became the forum that helped me to explore my origin and my belonging.”


Mr. Alok De (1989-91)

Mr. Indra Deb (1991-93)



Mr. Ramesh Motwane (1993-95)

Dr. Kaplesh Kumar (1995-97)

“Proud of my team’s birthing of Saheli and mid-1990s revival of IAGB, continuing to its current glory.”

Ms. Kamal Misra (1997-99)

“IAGB leadership position offered me a unique opportunity
to understand and address the challenges faced by Indian community
in the USA. It also helped my personal growth.”

Dr. Nannaji Saka (1999-2001)

“The IAGB years were the best in my life”

Mr. Ram Voruganti (2001-03)

“IAGB provides leadership to represent all of the Indians and Indian associations in the Greater Boston area to the people of the commonwealth”


Dr. Anupam Wali (2003-05)

Mr. M. Rajinikanth (2005-07) 1

“IAGB has gave me an opportunity to be a part of various EC teams that year after year put up the best Indian cultural experience you can get anywhere.”

Ms. Rita Shah (2007-09)

“IAGB is like a family – Home to all of us as immigrants and educating our children in our culture and heritage.”

Mr. Amrit Soni (2011-13)

“It was a great honor to serve as President of IAGB from 2011 to 2013. I am so happy to see IAGB, a 60-year-old organization play a very important role in bringing the Indian American community together into mainstream America.”

Dr. Anil Saigal (2013-15)

Wish IAGB a Very Happy 60th Anniversary! (1962-2022)

Ms. Jayashree Voruganti (2015-17)3

“IAGB means bringing Indian Community of Greater Boston together under one platform to serve and promote culture, community, and socio-political activities to demonstrate “power in number” to attain the visibility our community deserves.”

Ms. Aditi Taylor (2017-19) - 1

“IAGB has served as a quintessential bridge between the continued connection with my roots and the opportunity to serve and support my community in our adopted land.”

Sanjay Gowda (2019-21)-

“IAGB is an extended family and a platform for all of the New England Indian American community to come together, cherish and nourish our strong roots, rich culture, and heritage.”

Ms. Vaishali Gade

“My journey as the IAGB President has taught me that Togetherness is the place to be. Together as a community, we have tried to do greater good and be that well-rounded, open-minded leader within a giving and all-encompassing community. It has been an honor and privilege to serve this wonderful community. I will remain an active member of this community, supporting its growth and success in any way I can.”