IAGB Spotlight

Veena Handa Picture

Veena Handa is a woman of many traits – a finance professional, a teacher, a mentor for young professionals, supporter and ally for women, love for designing and sewing clothes, all the while striving to make the world we live in a better place, by giving back to the community.

Veena Hand arrived in the USA in 1972, after finishing her Masters’ in India and then living in Australia for a few years. Throughout her professional career, she worked with many Financial Institutions – MetLife, Fidelity Investments, John Hancock Financial. She retired as AVP of Operations from John Hancock Financial. As a professional, she managed teams across many geographical locations while mentoring her team and helping them with career development. She received many accolades and recognition throughout her career, including the Excellence in Service Award from MetLife and the Star of Excellence Award from John Hancock. She was on the Advisory Board for John Hancock’s Global Women’s Alliance and led multiple programs to strengthen the women’s alliance.

After her retirement in early 2018, Veena immersed herself in community service. She volunteered at the Community Center in Lexington and delivered talks on Retirement Planning and Budgeting. She has been working with Minuteman Senior Services on different projects, working as a certified SHINE counselor helping seniors with information, counseling, and assistance on health care programs. She is also active as a Money Manager assisting seniors in money matters, managing checks, and balancing statements. Veena is involved with AIF on their program, Circle of Hope, working with other women on special projects. She is also on the board for Lexington-based nonprofit .net. During the pandemic, Veena joined the ‘Sew We Care’ team and helped provide masks and scrub caps to local hospitals and health centers. She is now the Vice-Chair for Vision-Aid, contributing to the cause of the visually impaired.
Veena believes that it is the community that brings individuals together. So, if you have the time, the knowledge, and experience in a particular area you should always look to share and give back to the community.

We thank Veena Handa for sharing with us her journey, words of wisdom, and inspiring us to give back to the community.