IAGB Spotlight – LearnQuest Academy of Music

If spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings is poetry, then the structured articulation of such emotions using melody and rhythm is Indian classical music. One art form needs language, and the other is a language in itself that transcends all boundaries and flows like a river. Time tested and hence, never stale. Every good concert reinvigorates the performer as well as the listener and it also renews the art form itself.

Thanks to the humble efforts of Pradeep Shukla and his team, Bostonians have been renewing their bond with the rich tradition of Indian classical music through LearnQuest Music Conferences since 2006. Today it brings together a community of hundreds of fine artistes, aficionados, enthusiasts, students, organizers, and volunteers. This year’s conference is scheduled to take place from April 7th to April 9th. As always the event will feature eminent maestros and highly acclaimed Hindustani and Carnatic music artists. Please follow the link provided below to find more information about the conference.

IAGB Spotlight - LearnQuest Academy of Music

The unique characteristic of Indian classical music is that it offers freedom for the artiste’s imagination within and through the highly structured format. Since there are hundreds of such formats, or Raagas available to choose from, there is always a gripping sense of anticipation regarding any artists’ choice before a performance. Similar sense of anticipation exists with respect to a music festival like LQ Music Conference.  And the organizers take painstaking efforts to offer the audience adequate contentment.

LearnQuest Academy of Music is the organizer for this conference. This renowned local non-profit organization has taken upon themselves a tri-fold responsibility: music instruction, presenting high quality musicianship to the New England community, and connecting audiences through collective experiences. Among the local organizations committed to preserving Indian classical music, LQ believes they have undertaken a comprehensive approach towards the goal. Their sense of stewardship is creditable.

Indian classical music is largely an oral tradition. It is also an improvised art. Therefore every practitioner can become an exponent of a well thought out approach towards the set structures and rules of this music. That way the tradition keeps on augmenting itself and evolving to adapt to contemporary times.  LearnQuest is trying to build such a community and ecosystem of music lovers and practitioners through the music conference too.

We wish LearnQuest Academy of Music and their annual Music Conference all the best!