Community Conversations

April Fools Day falls on April 1st – I bet everyone knows this, the joy of shouting ‘April Fool Banaya’! Let’s hear from some of our fellow community members what they think about April Fools Day pranks or pranks in general .. Do they like it?

Bhagat Chetan

Bhagat Chetan (High schooler)

Personally I love pranks, pranks are an amazing part of comedy culture and really bring out the best reactions from people. As a prankster myself I have executed some really good pranks. One time I found a video on YouTube which when played makes the TV seem like it’s broken. I played the video to see how my Dad would react when I told I broke the TV, and let’s just say I hoped he never gets that mad when I’m really in trouble. Eventually I told him it was fake and we both had a good laugh and made a memory together! That’s why I love pranks, they really bring out the best in people when done right.

Jyoti Nagarkar

Jyoti Nagarkar (Primary Care Physician)

Does the mere thought of April Fool’s day bring a smile to my face? It does! Everyone can remember an instance when they pranked someone or were  the innocent victims of a prank.

The origin of April Fools Day dates back to the 1500’s and there are many theories surrounding this. Regardless of this for all these years people have been having fun on this day playing pranks on others.

In this time and age when the internet is on everyone’s fingertips, one just needs to Google and find all the different pranks. The pranks are not as funny and they lose the surprise element, as everyone is aware of them. But as we see with every new innovation, we find creativity. People adapt and find novel ways to prank others.

I do think special days like this make us laugh, help us to take a step back from the monotony of everyday life. As they say, laughter is the best medicine, so everyone should strive to play at least one prank on someone on this day!

Chetan Chaudhary

Chetan Chaudhary (Ex-Vice President, IANH)

The humor and effectiveness of April Fool’s Day pranks can vary depending on the person and the situation. You may have your own memory of a prank, and hopefully about a prank that went well. So, if you’re feeling up for it, go ahead and plan a prank or two. Just be sure to keep it harmless and respectful, and remember to reveal the joke before things get out of hand!

Are April Fool’s Day pranks still funny and effective? Well, it really depends on who you ask and how you go about it!. Some people enjoy playing and receiving pranks, while others do not appreciate them. Sharing a funny prank my wife Smita experienced – “One day  a colleague of mine who was 9 months pregnant started screaming that her water broke. We all rushed to see what was happening and saw that water was coming down to her feet. Another colleague immediately started calling 911, thinking that she was going into labor. But then, to everyone’s surprise, the pregnant colleague revealed a water balloon that she had burst to give a realistic effect for her April Fools’ Day prank! We had all been fooled!! We couldn’t stop laughing about it for the rest of the day.”

Of course, the type of prank you choose and how well you pull it off can make a big difference in how funny and effective it is. Personally, I think a harmless and well-executed prank can be a great way to bring some laughter and joy to a situation. But if you go too far or do something mean-spirited or hurtful, it’s not gonna go over well.

Meenakshi Udhaykumar

Meenakshi Udhaykumar (Technology Professional)

I enjoyed pranks more when I was a kid. I still remember we used to have 3 days to leverage (April 1, 2 & 3) playing pranks at school. A good memory that I can recollect is ten years back when I was applying to universities for my postgraduate studies, on April first I got a call from a ‘coordinator from Boston university’ and the person told me that they have accepted me for their Master’s program with full scholarship. I was on cloud nine and screamed and jumped around like a kid. After a minute it struck me that ‘full scholarship’ sounded a little off.  So I asked him whether he was sure that I got a full scholarship and then there was a giggle! It was my friend from India who pranked me. We had a big laugh and spoke for some time reminiscing our friendship. The funny thing is I did get accepted from Boston University a month later after that.  It’s good to do pranks and enjoy them and take it as an opportunity to make some good moments.

Sonal Shah

Sonal Shah (IT Professional)

April Fool’s Day, while its definitive origin may still be a mystery, is celebrated across the globe on the same day and with the same objective – to pull a joke or a prank on someone. The pranks or jokes are played in many forms depending on the creativity of the prankster, to the gullibility of the person on whom it is being played, from as simple as switching sugar with salt to as wild as one in 1996 by Taco Bell announcing it is purchasing Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell and renaming it ‘Taco Liberty Bell’.  While planning it, the question is if the joke or prank will work and how far to go without causing any harm to the person on receiving end of the joke, hopefully.  Creating a truly good prank can take ingenuity and planning as well as knowledge about the person it is being played on to ensure the prank’s suitability. If done tastefully, harmless pranks can bring some levity, joy and a few laughs for both parties, planner and the one it is planned on, and a nice way to welcome the spring equinox with joy after the cold winter gloom. April Fool’s day prank can be fun to bring family or friends together with the planning of the hoax, its execution and then reminiscing the sweet memory later over the years……so keep up with the sport and the ritual going every April 1st!