IAGB Upcoming Events July 2023

  1. IAGB India Day Celebrations

    SAARANG, an extraordinary Indian fusion band, will be playing at this year’s India Day celebrations. The event will take place at the iconic Hatch Memorial Shell on Aug. 19th, 2023. Saarang’s performance is a truly captivating and unique musical experience. They take their listeners on a mesmerizing journey that transcends borders and unites diverse musical traditions. Indian classical, folk melodies and rhythms blended with elements of Jazz, Rock, and world music. An ensemble of Tabla and Drums, Guitar and Khanjira, Violin and Piano, supported with Bass, enhancing the vocals.. It will be an experience not to miss!  See you there at Hatch Shell on Aug 19th!!
  2. Inviting Contributions for India Day Magazine

    This year’s IAGB India Day event will be celebrating the unique trailblazing qualities of our Indian American community. We are presenting you this opportunity to highlight these qualities or the people exemplifying these qualities by contributing to our annual magazine in the following ways:

    Short essay (up to 500 words) about the person from Indian American community who has made the biggest impact on your life – family, a friend, or a person from the larger Indian American community 

    Poem cherishing a thought, a person, or an event you think best exemplifies the quintessential Indian-Americanness   

    Small write-up (up to 300 words) about a particular aspect of your ethnic identity that you’ve been able to utilize to blend into the larger American community

    Please submit your entries and/or questions to Kaumudee Valimbe –kaumudee.valimbe@iagb.org

    The deadline to submit your entries is July 15th, 2023.