Tad-Bharatham – That! is India

Tad-Bharatham – That! is India

In addition to One India Music Concert, we are pleased to announce an exciting Dance Production – Tad Bharatam, by internationally acclaimed choreographers, the fabulous dance duo Nirupama & Rajendra.

Tad-Bharatham is a dance production that features highly cherished aspects of India and her glorious culture that has spread out in a time span of around six thousand years. In Tad-Bharatham, India’s nature, culture, customs, and achievements will be presented in an aesthetic and entertaining manner, offering a lasting experience of beauty but rooted in truth.

Our ancient scriptures have visualized India as a culture that spread its joy between the Mighty Himalayas and the Deep Ocean. The dance production is presented as conversation between the Himalayas and the Ocean.

Tad-Bharatham takes you on a journey through nature and culture using the artistic media of music, dance, and literature. Performed by a brilliant team of ten dancers, the production features elements drawn from India’s classical literature including the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata along with Sanskrit poems such as the Raghuvamsha and Shakuntalam of Kalidasa exploring various sentiments of love, valour, anger, laughter, and celebration.

Nirupama & Rajendra are one of India’s foremost classical dancers of India belonging to a family of educationists, artists and Harikatha Vidwans – traditional storytellers. As founders of ‘Abhinava Dance Company’- one of India’s most popular and cutting-edge production houses recognized worldwide, the duo have been instrumental in introducing a great deal of innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, and imagination to the realm of Classical Art.

The duo have been working in the field of dance for over 25 years as dancers, choreographers, producers, and performers. They have carved a niche for themselves in the world of Arts as one of the most versatile and creative artists. They have created original works & toured extensively performing to over 5 million connoisseurs all over India & several countries across the five continents.​