Republic Day Magazine


IAGB invites writers, chefs, artists, photographers and dreamers to submit entries under various categories listed below. IAGB editors will select and publish. We strongly encourage you all to avail this opportunity and participate in the 72nd India’s Republic Day celebrations in your own way!!!

Category 1:

Youth Column:

We want to hear from the NextGen. What are your thoughts? What is your passion? What drives you? What bores you? Pen your thoughts on a topic of your choosing and restrict it to approximately 500 words.


Category 2:

Opinion Articles:

We want to hear your thoughts on a range of topics given below. You might be surprised to learn how diversified the opinions can be of different people on same topics. Send in your thoughts as a guest column in approximately 600 words in length. Choose one of the subject area from: 

  1. The future of Shopping

  2. Travel Tales (travel stories on one’s favorite destinations in India)

  3. Impact of Bollywood on your generation

  4. TV shows – too much or just right

  5. Cable news channels

  6. Things we learned to appreciate more during COVID-19  


Category 3:


Do you love to sketch? Do you have a hidden ‘R.K Laxman’ persona inside you? Do you like to express your views on current events in a satirical / cartoon format? Pease send in your sketch / cartoon (Only in extreme cases we will use our editorial privilege).


Category 4:

Creating Community in COVID Times

Every year we have our reasons to celebrate. Anniversaries and/or Birthdays especially the milestone ones; Graduations; Life changing events like engagement / wedding / new baby and many more. And then of course we have our festivals – Diwali / Ganapati / Eid / Xmas etc.  – how did you celebrate during the pandemic – picture with a writeup (200 – 300 words) of any one of your celebrations you had this past year. 


Category 5:

Font Page Art

AGB invites all the artists to create art for the front-page cover. The topic / theme is A 2020 ‘feel good’ Story from India. Even in the depths of darkness caused by pandemic, floods, cyclones and political upheavals many a feel-good stories were reported from the sub-continent. Capture one of these stories with your paint brushes. The IAGB executive team will vote for the winning artwork which will be featured on the front cover. The next top five submissions will be featured in the inside pages.

DEADLINE: January 10th is the deadline for all entries. Please submit all entries to email id: (In subject mention Category name and #. For submissions from children under the age of 18 please mention your age so we are able to recognize the children contributions appropriately).