President’s Farewell Note


Hello IAGB Community,
It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost time for IAGB EC Team 2021-2023 to end their current tenure. At times, September 2021 feels like a distant past, and sometimes it seems like just yesterday. September 2021 was when I was elected to lead IAGB, a mighty 6-decade-old organization that is standing strong for the Indian American community in the New England area. We were coming out of the pandemic, and I had mixed feelings – privileged to lead this organization, much excitement, the heavy weight of responsibilities, a little nervousness, and a must-deliver attitude. But at the helm of it all was one strong desire for my journey with IAGB to be one of Onwards and Upwards.

IAGB EC Team started off with the goal of building close community relationships, empowering the Indian American community, providing avenues to partake in social and civic causes, and being a valuable resource to our seniors.

I feel privileged to share that we were able to deliver on all of our original goals and some more. From carving out a space for Indian American representation at the Veterans Day march to the Unity rally to showcase our solidarity in togetherness and to condemn hate in any form, From creating a platform for community service days to organizing donation drives for causes in local communities as well as in India; From bringing awareness to political happenings to raising awareness to flag raising events with diverse community participation; From exploring India’s exciting culture to hands-on learning at many New England libraries for a diverse audience; From helping our youth and young adults in their aspirations while providing resources and information to catering to changing needs of the community entering their golden years to bringing first ever India Celebration to Boston MLB stage. Last but not least, we presented and delivered the four most impeccably designed IAGB flagship events, elevating the IAGB stage even higher.

As my term as the President of IAGB ends, I express my deepest gratitude for the support and collaboration that has defined this incredible journey. This journey has taught me that Togetherness is the place to be. As quoted by Mother Teresa, ‘Together we can do great things.’ Together as a community, we have tried to do greater good and be that well-rounded, open-minded leader within a giving and all-encompassing community. It has been an honor and privilege to serve this wonderful community.

I am confident that the incoming leadership will continue to drive IAGB’s mission forward with the same enthusiasm and commitment. As I step down from this role, I will remain an active member of this community, supporting its growth and success in any way I can.

Thank you once again for your trust and cooperation. It’s not goodbye, but rather a transition to a new chapter. I look forward to crossing paths with you all as we continue to work towards shared goals for our community. As we embark on new horizons, let’s carry the spirit of Onwards and Upwards with us.

With love and joy

-Vaishali Gade