PPE Drive For India


PPE Drive for India by Kachroos

    While talking to a few doctor friends in India we realized that while the hospitals in the cities were being helped, the help in the rural hospitals was not sufficient. While the government is doing everything it can, the scope of this pandemic is so big that private citizens have to step in to help. 


    My husband and I decided to supplement the rural hospitals, treating Covid-19 patients with Personal protection equipment – PPE kits.  


    Medical staffers, doctors, nurses are our frontline soldiers on this war with COVID-19. When the problem is so big, it feels overwhelming to even think of a solution. The fight to save the world, starts with one human at a time.


    We identified few hospitals in Maharashtra – Sangli District & Kalyan Dombivli region that are screening and treating COVID-19 patients and are in desperate need of the Personal Protection Equipment kits. There is an extreme shortage of these kits due to global demand.


    Then we identified a Manufacturer in Nashik, Maharashtra who agreed to manufacture and supply these kits as per WHO guidelines. The kits include N95-Face Mask, Hood Cap, Wraparound Gown with Shield, Goggles, Long Shoe Cover, Gloves and Waste Collection disposable bag.


    We started with a small order and decided that we will expand only when we feel that the order is completed successfully.


    As of now, my husband Heramb and I have raised the funds and we were generously helped by our family and friends. The hard part was identifying a reliable manufacturer and then finding a way to get it delivered midst the restrictions on the transportation. 

You can donate for this by contributing to Sunayana and Heramb’s gofundme:


–Sunayana Kachroo