Iagb Marketplace Faq

IAGB Marketplace FAQ

What is a Digital Expo?

It is a managed Zoom session where vendors will be able to promote their product/s and or service to the public at last

Managed Zoom Session?   

IAGB organised and promoted Zoom sessions with streaming across local media including facebook.  IAGB Sponsors and Vendors can promote their products and services.

How long is the Zoom Session?

Vendors can sign up for 15 minutes or 30 minutes slots for sessions to pitch their product or service with Q&A.

When is the Zoom Session?

Date & Hours to be determined by December 31st

How many Zoom Sessions are there?

We are targeting a single day, Session length will depend on Vendor sign up.

Can vendors select time for Zoom Session?

Our Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors will get first preference for Zoom slot and then slots will be released to vendors based on sign up.

How will I know what my sign up number is?

We will post sign up number on the MarketPlace Name Tiles

When will my name get displayed in MarketPlace?

Within three days of signing up, the name will be up on MarketPlace.

How long will Vendor information be on display on Digital Magazine?

IAGB retains all its events Digital Magazine on its IAGB resources web page https://www.iagb.org/e-brochures/

How long will Vendor information be on display on the MarketPlace?

Up to 6-8 Months or next major event.

Why do you need my Address on sign up?