IAGB Community Spotlight

Deepa Agrawal

Deepa has been IAGB’s rock solid support for a significant number of years, volunteering at every IAGB event. She is IAGB’s “décor expert”!!! She has always shown up in silence, yet with unparalleled commitment and excellence in stage decorations. She has always cheered for team IAGB at all not only our events, but at other events outside of IAGB upholding IAGB’s name.

IAGB says “Kudos” to a dedicated, conscientious and supportive leader like Deepa Agrawal, who operates out of commitment, passion and love for the community!

Deepa Agrawal is a highly regarded community leader in the New England area. She is praised for her significant accomplishments and motivates others with her leadership approach, which emphasizes commitment, enthusiasm, and foresight. Deepa’s strength lies in her vision and dedication to the education of the next generation to build a community feeling and have a long-lasting effect on the welfare of people.

Deepa is the Co-Chair of Baal Yuva Vibhag of Hindi Manch, a nonprofit organization, and one of the largest Hindi organizations in the US. In the last many years, Hindi Manch has influenced more than 10,000 established non-resident Indian families, organized over 120 cultural events with more than 3,500 performers, and has worked to educate the next generation and provide a platform to more than 500 children. She has been the coordinator for Baal Yuva Manch since 2018, demonstrating her commitment to using Hindi Manch’s programs to help young people
develop self-expression and confidence.

Deepa’s passion for education is evident in her work for Shishu Bharati school. As a current director, she taught Hindi to over 150 students and also served as a substitute teacher for cultural classes spanning Grades 1-7. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Deepa took on the crucial role of Student Volunteer Coordinator for the last 4 years. Her exceptional leadership and organizational skills were evident as she successfully managed and organized the activities of 400 student volunteers.

Additionally, Deepa currently serves as the President of Indian Americans for Burlington for the term 2023-2024, demonstrating organizational prowess and leadership skills. Deepa contributes to various events, from designing floats for 4th of July parades to participating in Burlington Day
and hosting Diwali cultural gatherings at Burlington Town common showcasing the rich Indian culture.

Beyond cultural endeavors, she dedicates her free time to artistic pursuits, running art classes for kids, and showcasing her work in esteemed venues. Her artistic flair extends to event decorations and planning. Deepa’s artistic prowess extends to designing and conducting a painting competition during the Republic Day event. She plays a pivotal role in stage design and is the backstage coordinator for various events, ensuring smooth execution.

Deepa Agrawal’s outstanding contributions were recognized as she was honored as one of the top ten India New England women of the year. The prestigious Gala, organized by Manju Seth and Upendra Mishra, celebrated Deepa’s remarkable achievements and leadership in the community.

Deepa holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from North Maharashtra University in India and initially worked as an IT professional at Aptech Computer Institute, Mumbai. Deepa is a longstanding resident of Burlington, where she resides with her husband, Nilesh Agrawal, and their two children, Ayush Agrawal and Akshara Agrawal. After moving to the USA, she developed an interest in Tax Consultancy and Accountancy, joining Tax consulting firm in,
Burlington MA,