IAGB Community Crisis Assistance Resources


“Paradoxically if you survive them, it’s in the bad conditions that you learn most about yourself.” 

– Tim McCartney-Snape, mountaineer

What is the crisis? It can be a period of transition/a situation in the life of any of us as an individual, family or group.  A situation we hope never happens but if happened, sometimes can be really daunting to maneuver through. For the past year or so India Association of Greater Boston- your community partner has been working with many affected community members, catering to their unique needs and guiding them to available resources based on their unique situations. 

Along the way we have learned, it can be very devastating to find yourself all alone without a path forward. Based on our Indian American communities’ (sometimes unique) requirements, as the first line of defense you can utilize some of the resources we have gathered to help you. Some of these organizations are our community partners and some are State offered resources. Please visit our https://www.iagb.org/crisis-help/ to find out more.

IAGB Crisis Assistance team is here to help you in your need of the hour. IAGB has partnered with several organizations in the Greater Boston area to provide services to our community members during their distressing time. Please call IAGB Helpline (978)-496-8099 or send an email to iagb@iagb.org