Community Spotlight – Mohan Nannapaneni

Mohan Nannapaneni

Mohan Nannapaneni, the Co-Founder and CTO of Sigma Systems Inc., is a remarkable entrepreneur and philanthropist with a profound commitment to both the Indian and American communities. He has achieved extraordinary success in the business world, leading Sigma Systems Inc. to become one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America. However, Mr. Nannapaneni’s impact extends far beyond the business realm.

In the realm of philanthropy, Mohan Nannapaneni has left an indelible mark. His contributions have led to the rebuilding of government schools in India, transforming them into thriving educational institutions. He has provided financial support to numerous students, enabling them to pursue higher education in medical and engineering colleges, including the prestigious IITs.

One of his notable contributions is the establishment of TEAM Aid, a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing assistance to individuals and families affected by catastrophic incidents such as accidents and sudden deaths. TEAM Aid has emerged as a vital resource, coordinating the transportation of deceased individuals to their respective hometowns across India and 15 other countries. It has become a leading emergency assistance provider within the immigrant community throughout North America. His advocacy skills came to the forefront when he intervened on behalf of over 2,400 students facing deportation when Tri-Valley University was closed, securing their readmission opportunities and protecting their dreams.

In addition to its role in helping families cope with the sudden loss of their loved ones, TEAM Aid, under Mohan Nannapaneni’s leadership, has also extended its support to individuals facing legal issues, especially those dealing with mental health challenges. This organization has rapidly expanded its reach, with more than 2,500 dedicated volunteers across North America and over 20 countries. On average, TEAM Aid now provides assistance to at least a dozen families per week in the USA, demonstrating its commitment to helping those in distress.

Mohan Nannapaneni’s community service efforts have touched the lives of countless individuals and families affected by disasters and emergencies, making TEAM Aid an indispensable resource in times of crisis. His dedication to community service and humanitarian work has earned him numerous service awards and recognitions from teachers’ unions, educational/cultural organizations, city councils, and NGO entities in
both India and America. Through his unwavering commitment to TEAM Aid and other charitable causes, Mr. Nannapaneni continues to make a positive and lasting impact on
communities worldwide.