Community Conversations

IAGB community enjoyed many Community Service Days in the month of April. Here’s what our community members think of these opportunities:

Dudhwewala Family

Sandeep, Krishna and Ishaan Dudhwewala

Thanks to IAGB, we had a great time volunteering at The Wish Project in Lowell. For us, it was a Saturday morning well spent as a family contributing to the community. It was heartening to see the good work The Wish Project does to make wishes come true for many people in need. We left the event with feelings of gratitude for the opportunity we have and a heart-warming feeling that there is still a lot of good in the world. Pallavi, the IAGB treasurer, who organized the event was a great sport and kept us energized throughout the event. We can all play a role, even in small measures, to make the world a better place. Look forward to seeing many more of you at future events!

Vanya Singh

Vanya Singh

When I first walked into the doors of the Community Servings building I had no idea what awaited me. It was our very own assembly line run fully by volunteers! Community Servings is a very diverse place and it is very appealing. My favorite part was when I walked inside of the giant freezer to store boxes inside. At the end of the day I left feeling so happy that I had just helped feed so many people and that I was making a difference in the world. I would go back anytime.

Arnav Manjrekar

Arnav Manjrekar

It was a nice experience working in a food pantry and I felt good to help the community for a good cause. I also felt good that the needy people are being fed in a proper way. 


Sai Arora

Being at the Community Servings kitchen made me feel accomplished and proud to be there. Seeing everyone in the kitchen working hard together just to help out those in need was something that could not have been explained. There were so many different types of people helping me learn how to give back. This was a great experience and I definitely want to do it again in the future.


Sadhna Singh

This was my first time volunteering at this place called Community Servings and loved every minute of it. The non-profit provides nutritious food to chronically ill people and if needed, to their family members too.  Left the place with a great feeling after 3 hours. I sure want to go back again soon. Thanks IAGB for organizing this.