Community Conversations


Kumu Gupta

“IAGB Republic Day is a great event celebrating January 26 1950, when the Constitution of India was adopted. It is an event bringing together New England communities for an evening of Indian patriotic program & food. It’s special to me as I got to volunteer in a ‘Saheli’ booth at this event a few times earlier.”


Anshika Shekhar

“The event I am looking forward to the most is the cake decoration and baking event. As an amateur baker myself, I picked up baking during quarantine. I find baking and decorating cupcakes or cakes a pretty relaxing activity. Although I am not the most artistic person, decorating baked goods is not too difficult, so most of the time my edible creations look pretty good.”

Aarushi Pant (1)

Aarushi Pant

“In past years, I have helped out with organizing backstage at the IAGB Republic Day event, helping ensure that all the performance groups were ready when they needed to be. Last year, I also worked with the story-telling competition for young children, which was especially fun! This year, I’m looking forward to helping out with the cake- decorating competition and seeing all the beautiful creations that participants will make!”