Community Conversations

IAGB Community celebrated India’s 74th Republic Day recently. It was a day-long activity full of competitions, cultural programs, shopping opportunities and of course, food. Thousands of community members participated and enjoyed this event. Here are some of the comments they made.

Jharna Madan

Jharna Madan (Director, Hindi Manch)

I have been coming to IAGB events for the last 10 years and love the energy at these events. It was fun to watch all these programs, to experience all the exuberance. And I think it’s a great platform for our younger generations.

Hetal Joshi

Hetal Joshi (President, Academy of Creative Arts)

What a wonderful way to bring the community together and engage the next generation of Indian American kids through various competitions. Republic Day festivities were a blast.. Congratulations to the entire IAGB team for executing the event so flawlessly. 

Rishika Garg

Rishika Garg (Volunteer, Fashion Show Participant)

The IAGB Republic Day was highly memorable and momentous. I enjoyed listening to each young kid tell their unique story in the Storytelling competition. The Fashion Show was my first time walking down the red carpet. I felt proud representing Rajasthan, a state in India, and dressing up in a Rajasthani outfit. Everyone brought different types of cultures to the stage, creating a warm ambient atmosphere on Republic Day.

Geena Virmani

Geena Virmani (Dance Program Participant)

I have been participating in these programs with Ekta Jain’s group for some years now. Just love to see dances from so many regions on one platform. The energy, creativity, and the work put into it by the IAGB team is awesome.. thank you IAGB!

Ramanath Iyer

Ramanath Iyer (Competition Participant’s Parent)

It was a good experience for me and my kid. All these kids get to compete in a friendly yet motivating way. We also loved to see so many cultural programs from all parts of India. Very good experience.

Archana Soni

Archana Soni (Vendor, Mohikas)

We small business owners always seek out opportunities to reach out to new customers. And IAGB’s big event was good for us to do exactly that. Many people came, saw and bought our stuff. Some just looked around for our offerings and I’m sure later they will shop with us. All in all, I’m happy we are here and getting to meet these many people. 

Subhashini Raman

Subhashini Raman (Board Member, TMM)

I love that IAGB recognizes and celebrates other community organizations. It is a great way to cherish the partnership we feel with IAGB. We feel the connection. And of course, I liked the dance performances, food availability, and shopping area. 

Prasad Pathak

Prasad Pathak (Volunteer)

I was helping around the stage area.. the whole program line up was organized in a detailed manner. So we had to move quickly to set up things. I loved to do it. Organizing such a big event is not easy. Thanks to IAGB, they brought together all these parts of the Indian American community.

Manisha Sharma

Manisha Sharma (Team AIDAsha)

Getting to meet new people is important for us. We got to meet so many people here, many people signed up for our running program. It’s a program where people get to run and raise funds for good causes. We are satisfied at the response we got at our booth.. Thanks IAGB!