We are reaching out to you, the New England Indian American community. You represent our many entrepreneurs, small business owners, cultural and regional organizations, community magnets, professionals and homemakers.

Come share your story through our India Day Digital Magazine.  Let’s showcase who you are in big numbers.  Sign up for our India Day Digital Magazine Ad!

We the New England Indians are almost  150,000* strong covering multitudes of professions from Medicine to Engineering,  Writers, Artists  in multiple sectors covering IT, Biotech, Pharma, Engineering, Hospitality,  Media  and a lot more.

IAGB cherishes its joint collaboration with over 14 regional communities and are proud to showcase the community initiatives, news and success stories to our 8000+ newsletter subscribers and over 10K members on Facebook.

For the past 60+ years, IAGB has been celebrating India Day to commemorate India’s Independence and celebrate Indian American’s rich culture and traditions, with utmost vigor and grandeur.   Due to the restrictions on the large gatherings, this year we are coming up with a very unique and creative way bringing international professional artists and celebrities to perform in a multi-week long celebration to commemorate this momentous day.

This August 15th, we need your support to bringing our community together in this social distant celebration of the biggest democracy in the world.

Let’s join hands in this community celebration by giving a little contribution to make this your initiative.   Together we stand tall, together we stop each other’s fall, and together we make it our call!

IAGB strives to be a unifying community organization across New England.  Your support helps IAGB in hosting events that benefit our local and now international communities.  Come join hands with us!

* Estimates based on US Census 2010 data.


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