Newsletter for July 2019

IAGB had a busy spring and now even busier summer. We capped off the the previous quarter with two significant events on back to back weekends. On May 11th 2019, IAGB hosted the first ever 5 K Walk / Run event. Enthusiastic members of our community including children showed up bright and early for this inaugural walk / Run event. All the funds raised at this event were donated to MA Coalition for Homeless organization. The event was championed by Vaishali Gade from the IAGB Executive Committee.
Prag Singh led the Civic Engagement Forum the following weekend (May 18th, 2019). A panel of three existing and long time active members from our community in public service were invited to share their knowledge and experiences. A fascinating discussion enlightened the attending group about the intricacies of town elections, roles and responsibilities.
Summer is the time for our Annual Mega India Day Celebrations. It is an all hands on deck approach. EC members are involved in planning, fund raising, publicity among other things for this event. We appeal to the community to please sign up if you wish to volunteer for this event. We appreciate all the help that can be provided.
The EC is also preparing for the upcoming change of guard and forming new executive committee for the 2019-2021 term. We appeal to the community to seek more information and participate in the process. This organization is OF the India American Diaspora, BY the Indian American Diaspora and FOR the Indian American Diaspora.