Meals To Heal


Meals to Heal

    In response to the crisis we are facing our mission is to make the lives of affected families, patients, and their caregivers easier and less stressful by providing them with meals that relieve them of the significant time, energy and worry associated with ensuring proper nutrition for themselves and for their loved ones.


    It all started with group of friends discussing how to provide meals to those sick in the community and around the same time an acquaintance in the community falling sick with Covid-19 and needing meal help. We then reached out to close friends to get some help. As the word spread many more in our community joined in.


    Currently our group is helping 2 patients and 12 families in Burlington, Wilmington and Newton by providing meals. 


    Meals to heal is a group of over 60 men and women cooking and delivering meals to those need it. Given the restrictions we have in place due to Covid-19, from social distancing to scarcity of grocery items, it really requires tremendous group efforts to provide nutritious meals to those who need. Vaishali Gade and Raksha Soni are here just trying to facilitate and streamline the efforts. We welcome more volunteers to expand our reach and to support more families.


If you would like to help, please email us

–Vaishali Gade