India Day Magazine


IAGB invites writers, chefs, artists, photographers and dreamers to submit entries under various categories listed below. IAGB editors will select and publish. We strongly encourage you all to avail this opportunity and participate in the 74th India Day celebrations in your own way!!!

Category 1:

Youth Column:

We want to hear from the NextGen. What are your thoughts? What is your passion? What drives you? What bores you? Pen your thoughts on a topic of your choosing and restrict it to approximately 500 words.

Category 2:

Then & Now:

Are you a family of writers but don’t see eye to eye? Love same things but experience it differently? Have the times ‘really’ changed? Please submit an entry (250 words or less) on a sweet / fun / poignant memory from your childhood. Entries to be from two persons of different generations. Illustrations encouraged. Subject matter can be:

a. School/Teachers

b. Traditions

c. Friendships

d. Vacations

e. Entertainment

Category 3:

India New England Recipes:

Did lockdown teach you new ways to cook? Did you try new or unique or old traditional recipes? Please share your recipe with images.

Category 4:


IAGB would love to celebrate India Day with displays of your Artwork. In context of India’s Independence Day celebrations, we would like your art to reflect one of the four subject areas listed below:

a. Independence Day

b. State of Origin

c. Current Events

d. Historical Events

*Some of the art works may be used as the cover of the magazine

Category 5:


We invite amateur photographers to submit their photographs (subject areas given below). A panel of professional photographers will choose the winners in each category which will be published.

a. Nature

b. Animals

c. Buildings/Architecture

*Submit details of Photograph submissions: Camera (Can be phone camera too); if any advanced settings (F-Stop, TV, ISO) used, time of day and any other information that you would like to share.

Category 6:

I have a Dream…

Everyone has a dream. How would you start your ‘I have a Dream…’ speech. In 150 words or less chisel you dream onto a paper and share with the wide world.

Category 7:

Guest Column:

If you want to free flow and write on any topic of your choosing you still can. Please send us your column on a topic of your choosing in 500 words or less.

DEADLINE: July 31st is the deadline for all entries. Please submit all entries to email id: (In subject mention Category name and #. For submissions from children under the age of 18 please mention your age so we are able to recognize the children contributions appropriately).