An Invitation to all of our New England Area Dance Performers to perform live at India’s 75th Independence Day Celebrations. 

We know you have been eagerly waiting to show off your dancing passion, dazzle the audience with your moves, and soak in that moment performing in front of a large crowd..  

So here you go …IAGB is delighted to bring you an in-person India Day Celebration. Location to be determined.

We are now accepting entries for all types of Folk and Bollywood performances. 

Entries will be reviewed by the IAGB Cultural team and decisions will be conveyed upon completion of the review process. We have only room for 12 items so only the best will be selected. So do put your best foot forward.

Here are important guidelines for your submissions for review:

    1. The entries are only for GROUP dance performances (Group size must be 10 or more)
    2. NO SOLO PERFORMANCES will be accepted.
    3. You can submit an entry in any one of the following age groups:
        1. Kids: 5-10 Years old
        2. Young: 10-15 Years old
        3. Adults: 15 years and above
      • Please be sure to specify the age category (If your dance item contains multiple ages then please be sure to list it in the age category that you have a majority of performers)
    4. You must submit at least a 3 minute video of the item along with your entry form.( The demo video should contain as close to the final performance as possible, else you may be rejected)
    5. Entry Submission Deadline: 10 JULY 2021 ( Extremely Important)  Any entries received past this date will be considered only if spots are available.
    6. Each dance participant must have IAGB membership. Your entry will be qualified for membership before acceptance. (It is the responsibility of the team leader/choreographer to ensure this as soon as an acceptance email is received). 
    7. If your entry is selected we will reach out to get the participants list/member names.
    8. IAGB Cultural team’s decision will be final.

Time is of the essence and we want to ensure that we provide quality entertainment to our New England audience.