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IAGB Youth Editor Column

School has been in session for many of us on the IAGB Youth team for about a month. Everyday we get up, eat, go to school, participate in extracurriculars, and then finish hours of homework. We have been going through this cycle for about a month, and it is hard to not feel burnt out. The feelings of uncertainty still are present in our heads since the pandemic has not made anything easier. Things still are not the “normal” we thought we would have achieved by now. In fact, the thoughts of another lockdown start to resurface. We hope not to have another virtual year of school. We hope that people will take precaution and be safe during this new variant. We can only hope our extracurriculars do not get shut down again. Us, students, can only do so much as hope and wish. We can’t make the decisions, that is up to the parents and the school board. The second year into a pandemic has made us experience things we would have never before. Somehow we have to balance school, and homework, and extracurriculars; while also making sense of this new school year and digesting that this is reality. The masks are still here, and school carries on. It feels bittersweet to us, knowing that what we all have gone through will be in textbooks. Hopefully, there will be positive outcomes, such as advances in medicine and technology. We are living history, so let us reflect on that, while we balance our hectic schedules and carry on through the school year. We want to leave you with one question however; as someone living in history, what would you include in the textbook of our lives?

~ IAGB Youth Team

IAGB Youth Opportunities Column

IAGB Youth Spotlight:
Who: 25 and under
When: Submissions are due by November 15th.
Nomination form: https://forms.gle/yNMAZNBDeNB9c14SA
Inviting nominations for October IAGB Youth Spotlights! The IAGB youth initiative spotlights talented local youth who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to art, sports, or the community! Nominees must be 25 years of age or younger, and they must have lived in the New England area.

IAGB Youth Engagement

IAGB Youth; a platform for Youth of Indian heritage to help them develop leadership skills, the skills they need to identify pressing issues in the communities in the New England area, amid racism, poverty, violence, as well as rapidly changing environment, and tap into their own and their communities’ strengths to create positive change.

Lend our youth voices to shape policies that empower youth to achieve equity, opportunity and enrich ourselves and our community. Understand what it means to be Indian American, and stay connected to our rich heritage.

The IAGB Youth Team is recruiting!!
Who: Grades 8-12
When: Meet once per month
Students will coordinate and engage in several community activities. Community service hours are available, as well as leadership opportunities!
If you have any questions or if you are interested in joining, send an email to iagbyouth@gmail.com