Community Conversations

1-Sripad Sunder

Sripad Sunder

“Christmas is all about getting candies. And Santa will give presents to only those kids who are good and cool to the rest of the kids who are naughty.”

2-Keerthana Yalamarthi

Keerthana Yalamarthi

“This Christmas I will be spending time with friends and family. I am also looking forward to getting good presents. Excited to decorate the Christmas tree. This time is also about giving to the homeless people and donating toys and clothes to foster care kids. I enjoy doing these activities.”

3-Vennela Neelakantham

Vennela Neelakantham

“Christmas is a joyous time of the year when you spend time with family and friends. It’s all about giving, caring, visiting Santa, luminous decorations, and exchanging gifts. I like decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments and lights. There is an excited buzz in the air on Christmas eve, as children go to bed knowing they will get to open presents in the morning.”

4-Agasthyamohan Gembali

Agasthyamohan Gembali

“What I think Christmas is:
Vacation! – An excuse for sleeping in – Catching up on some work – Maybe some free time to play board games and video games
Snowstorms – They are just cool to look at
Christmas trees – I’m concerned about cutting down trees
Santa Claus – He’s a part of Christmas, but I don’t believe that he is real
Presents – Even though I don’t get any, it’s fun to think about what my parents will surprise me with.”


Aarushi Pant

Aarushi Pant

“The winter holidays are a time when we celebrate the joys of spending time indoors with family, cooking large meals, and giving gifts to others! I look forward to the feelings of community and cheer that the holidays bring!”

Sarina Chand

Sarina Chand

“The thing I look forward to the most during Christmas is the feeling of joy. I love how everyone is so happy, and we all get to be together. I love that we get to spend time with family, and cozily watch the snow fall. I can’t wait till Winter and Christmas!!”