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Rules and Regulations

  1. Register for the Bhaag IAGB Bhaag Virtual Run/Walk  on our site
  2. The registration can be at an individual level or at a family level – Age is not a concern – all proceeds will be donated to a good cause
  3. Virtual runs –  run or walk outdoors but limit the time on roads and continue to support safe and healthy running distances and social distancing
  4.  This Event  is just for “one”day (Saturday, June 13th 2020) and our suggested run time is between 8am-8.30am (we recommend morning run/walk to beat the heat)
  5.  Set your running trail in your neighborhood and run/walk 5K or more, at your own pace, and make sure to track it on your prefered app
  6. Pick up your  t-shirt from the location we announce, wear it on the run day to show that you supported our fundraising 
  7. At the end of the run/walk, take a picture of yourself or the family and your track record , post on Instagram/Facebook with the #BhaagIAGBhaag  
  8. Maintain 6ft distance and STAY SAFE!
  9. REGISTRATION INCLUDES: Optional Performance Wear Tee T-SHIRT – Wear the T-Shirt as part of the Run. Only the first 100 registrants will get the t-shirts.
  10. IMPORTANT NOTE FROM THE ORGANIZERS: With endurance events shut down nationwide, gyms closing, stores being closed…this is our attempt to help keep everyone focused on healthy living, spread a little playful humor all while doing some good deeds in the process.  It is not intended to be insensitive or downplay the gravity of the illness. It is very serious. When the virus completes its course, we need you healthy and back on the trails. Please follow all the guidelines from the State Governor and CDC. Stay healthy, fit and don’t become a couch potato! Let’s beat this virus together.