Art and Music Spotlight Sept 2022


Medhita Sinha

Acton Boxborough Regional High School

This month’s youth spotlight is a rising junior emphasizing the prevalence of Indian art in the state with her awards and accolades.  Medhita Sinha is a rising junior at ABRHS, and she has been learning and practicing Madhubani and traditional Indian art for the past 6 years with her teacher, Ms. Sunanda Sahay.


Some of the places Medhita’s art is displayed are at  the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Cancer Center of MGH, and West Village Gallery to name a few. Recently one of her paintings won first place in the Congressional Art competition, which meant she had to send her painting to be displayed at the Capitol Hill building in Washington D.C for one year. She was recognized at the reception in Washington recently, and received several praises and acclaims from various public leaders including the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Currently,  Medhita has submitted a public bench art design along with her teacher and she won the grant for her bench design. Besides all of her amazing work in the Indian art community, Medhita graduated from Shishu Bharti and has been volunteering as a teacher for 2 years.

In her interview, Medhita’s teacher stated that it’s “commendable that Medhita has been pursuing this 2500 year old artform for such a long time with so much passion. She tries to understand the ancient symbols and stories behind the painting.”  Medhita is an inspiration to the younger generation by making the effort to stay connected to her roots, heritage and legacy and help it spread all around by practicing and teaching it to the younger kids. She has actively and consistently participated in many of the workshops and exhibitions related to this artform. Medhita has not only painted the stories from Indian epics, she has also tried to paint the fusion of eastern and western world by painting Eiffel Tower and similar modern themes, thus bringing both the worlds together by her art practices.

Meditha says,  “Mithila/Madhubani painting through its intricate and colorful designs showed me a world of cultural and historical stories which helped me connect to my Indian heritage.”