3D PPE Supplies By Desais


3D PPE supplies by Desais

We are building 3D printed face shields for frontline workers. These shields are to be used in conjunction with face masks. Protects the eyes and rest of the face. These face shields are in a great shortage and supplies are hard to come by. 

I have been a 3D printer buff for a long time, 3d printing small fixes and improvements around the house. So, when I saw on the internet, that 3d printer can help the frontline workers, I jumped on it. Looking at the shortage of PPE, it is very important for our frontline workers and their families to remain safe. So, it took me a few hours to figure out how I can help efficiently and quickly. I printed 20 of these shields over the weekend and asked on Facebook to donate them. Not surprising, several people and hospitals reached out requesting them. I had to increase production and go from 1 3d printer to 3 to meet the demands. So far, we have donated 300 shields and plenty more to make. We have donated to individual workers who work at nursing homes as well as hospitals like Mount Auburn, Lahey Burlington, Beth Israel, Melrose-Wakefield etc. We have also shipped the shields to Danbury Hospital in CT. 

I am doing this along with my wife Namita, mom-in-law Shilpa our 2 month old Avir (he helps by not being too fussy). While I produce the 3d printed shields, my wife and mom-in-law prepare the plastic sheets. After that is done, I disinfect everything and pack them with instructions sheets, ready to go. 



You can contribute to this project by donating to this GoFundMe campaign. 


–Nandish Desai